Opening Night

Thursday, April 6th

We invite you to experience GAIA by La Mesa, a one of a kind immersive visual dining experience.

Through our immersive visual show we will provide a tasteful and immersive yet inviting environment in which to explore a culinary journey.

Tantalize your tastebuds with a full 3 course set menu with dishes hand selected by our tasteful chef for you to enjoy as you entice yourself in our awe inspiring live performance.

Enjoy an experience through taste, sound, vision and take part in what is sure to be a memorable experience – nature among us!

Immersive Fine Dining

With each ticket, you will have access to our hand curated, set, 3 course menu.

Experience a journey of flavors as you entice yourself in our immersive visual show.

Raise a glass to a night full of experiences with our complimentary glass of champagne.

A Mesmerizing Visual Show

Dining experiences have been hosted throughout the ages, producing a place to experience a fully immersive show that stimulates all the senses.

Through our act you will journey through sound, taste, vision, touch and smell, creating a memorable experience to cherish for the time to come.